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How Grooming Can Improve Your Dog's Health | The Brooklyn

How Grooming Can Improve Your Dog's Health | The Brooklyn

We’ve all been there right? The feeling of desperately needing a fresh haircut to get those annoying strands of hair out of your eyes and feel a little bit more put together. Our furry friends feel the same! If you have noticed your pup’s coat looking a little overgrown, it might be the right time to invest in some proper grooming. But hey, you can’t expect your pup to have the perfect hair-do without the correct utensils.

In this blog we will be covering the benefits of regular dog grooming, how this can ultimately boost your dog’s mood and the correct tools needed for a doggy glow-up.

Let’s get started!

1. Prevents Infection

By cleaning your puppy's ears and trimming their nails, you can prevent bacteria and yeast build up that can lead to painful infections. Regular grooming also helps to remove any dirt, debris and allergens that may cause skin irritations.

2. Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Proper grooming helps establish a routine for your pet, which can provide comfort and reassurance. The extra attention and gentle touch can aid a relaxing environment where your pup feels even more cared for.

3. Detects and Solves Skin Problems

Grooming your pup gives you the time for extra TLC and to inspect their coat for any issues such as rashes, dry patches or infections. By taking the time to properly inspect their coat, you’re not only maintaining their appearance, you’re also protecting their overall health and well-being.

4. Bond With Your Dog

In the animal world, spending time together instantly boosts connection. Grooming is a brilliant way to bond with your pup, giving them the extra special attention that they deserve.

5. Maintains Hygiene

Regular grooming helps to distribute your dog’s natural oils, keeping their coat nice and healthy. Keeping your pup clean and in a good overall condition will help with good hygiene. Grooming also allows us to have an in-depth look at our dog. Grooming also allows us to stay on top of their ear, nail and coat health. Checking their ears for significant wax build up or signs of infection, to checking their teeth for discolouration and signs of periodontal disease, improves overall health and hygiene.

6. Improves Overall Behaviour

After a fresh groom your pup’s confidence will skyrocket as they look and feel their best. A grooming routine can make your pet feel secure, leading to positive behaviour both in and out of the home.

For a more detailed version on doggy grooming, check out our blog here on how to groom your pup step by step.

Essential Tools Every Dog Owner Needs

Here are our must have products to help your pup stay feeling fresh:

Pup Calming Products - If your pup tends to get anxious about grooming, don’t stress! Our premium range of pet calming products ensure your pet can kick back and enjoy the experience . Our Calming Dog Bed and Calming Dog Throw provide the perfect fluffy space for your pup to be pampered. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being treated like royalty from their own bed!

Dog Products - We believe home grooming is where the heart is. Ensuring your pup feels comfortable and happy at home is our top priority. From our cosy beds, to our stylish bowls, our products are designed to ensure your pup feels pampered every step of the way.

Boost Your Dog's Health and Mood With Proper Grooming

Regular grooming sessions can work wonders for your furry friend. The one-on-one attention, gentle touch and relaxing atmosphere of a grooming session can help ease anxiety and boost your pup’s mood. Regular grooming also helps to keep your pet’s hair out of their eyes, improving their vision on walks and mealtimes. Your pup will feel lighter to roam around without the burden of extra hair in the way!

Perfect Grooming Starts at The Brooklyn

We hope that after reading this blog your pooch will be strutting with confidence. With the right supplies and a little bit of patience, creating a comforting home grooming experience for your pet has never been easier. Learning how to properly groom your pup is not only an excellent skill to master, but will also save you money in the long run!

If you are still unsure on the best ways to groom your pup, feel free to drop us a message here and speak to our team of experts.

Groom on!