Personalised Pawtrait

Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pawtrait
Personalised Pet Portraits - The Brooklyn
Personalised Pet Portraits - The Brooklyn
Personalised Pawtrait

Personalised Pawtrait

Step 2 - Pet's Name on Artwork?
Step 3 - Upload Image
For best results, use bright, quality photos.
Step 4 - Background Colours
Don't worry, this can be changed later.
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Your Pet, Turned Into a Masterpiece

Over 1000 Hand Drawn Pet Portraits Completed So Far

We turn your that adorable picture of your pet, into a hand-drawn Picasso masterpiece... (which will be sure to have your friends going "oooo" and "awww").

Each piece is 100% hand-drawn by our team of graphic designers, with care put into every stroke.

Made-to-Order - Once complete, our team will send you 3 x High Quality scalable files, where you can get your favourite one framed, or to hold onto as a digital keepsake (and everything in between).

    You'll be sent 3x High Quality Pet Portraits.
     Each piece is 100% Hand Drawn (no AI, no Apps).
     Print, Frame, Share, Upload (the options are endless).
     The Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers.

    All types of pets - Whether you have cat, dog, hamster or mouse, we love pets and our artists hand draw each one to create an image you will love!

    The Perfect Gift - We've been known to have giftees in tears when they open their Brooklyn Pet Portrait.

    Over 1000 Completed - With over 1000 custom pet portraits behind us, you know your pets artwork is in safe hands.

    Have 2 or More Pets?
    Want Multiple Pets in One Image?

    We'd love to take care of this for you. All we ask is that you kindly place an order for an extra digital print (to cover the cost of drawing a second pet) and to get in touch with us after ordering. We'll handle the rest.

    How it works?

    Step 1 - Snap a Photo

    Upload your most dashing photo of your four-legged friend. For best results, keep it bright and clear.

    Step 2 - Customise

    Now the fun part... choose your customisation. Frame or no frame? Background colours to suit?

    Step 3 - We Get to Work
    We'll take it from here your Mona Lisa is on the way. We'll send it to you for review before final delivery.

    We'll handle the framing/printing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We try to finish your project as quickly as possible. This can be as quick as 24 hours, while it may extend to 2-7 days (depending on the queue).

    Rest assured, we will never rush your artwork (for an average result) even if our queue is large. We love your pets piece, just as much as you do, so will endeavour to get it right, first-time.

    Please note - The timelines above do not include delivery of printed/framed items. Once drawn, if you opt to have it framed and printed, our external framing specalists will handle this part for you.

    You betcha! Absoloutely! We kindly just ask that you purchase '2' digital products, so we can complete both pets.

    On delivery, we can put them together, or have them on seperate pieces.

    Absoloutely! We will remove the background clutter from your pets picture, for all our portraits, so that your pet is front and center.

    The higher quality your reference image is, the better the results will be. After 400 custom portraits, when the image is clear, bright and crisp (so we can see all the finer details) these images tend to get the best results.

    Either way, you can be sure we will do our utmost best to do right by your pet and capture all the finer details.

    We draw from the neck up to the head, to keep your pet front and center.

    We do our best to get it 100% perfect during the first go, but if there is something you'd like to change, that's no worries. Just let our team know, and we can make the change for you.

    We supply 3 copies of your portrait as a ready-to-print A4 JPG file. Need a different size? No worries, just let us know.

    Sure thing - we offer a range of customisation options when ordering your gorgeous art piece.

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