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Why Dogs Choose Couches Over Their Beds | The Brooklyn

Why Dogs Choose Couches Over Their Beds | The Brooklyn

Have you ever found yourself settling down on the couch to watch your favourite TV show, only to wake up squished in the corner, legs cramping and a big heavy weight at your feet, whilst your pet is peacefully snoozing away sprawled across the entire couch? We know the feeling- the battle of the sofa! But rest assured, there is a reason why your pups happen to prefer the couch over their own bed that is placed perfectly on the floor for them.

When it comes to choosing your ideal dog bed, factors that resemble the cosiness of the couch, such as comfort and security, temperature and texture, and versatility should be taken into consideration. Our premium products, such as The Brooklyn Ultra Memory Foam Bed, offer the perfect solution to keep your couch fur free whilst also giving your pup’s their own spot, so they keep their paws off yours!

In this blog we will explore why dog’s happen to prefer the couch over their own beds, and the factors you need to consider when picking the perfect dog bed for your pup.

1. Comfort and Security 

Dogs are instinctively drawn to soft textures and places that feel comfortable and familiar. That’s why it is so important for their bed to be as cosy and plush as possible, so that your pup can snuggle and feel safe. Our Brooklyn Deep Sleep Bed is the ultimate cosy spot, providing anxiety relief when needed, as well as improved, deeper sleep for our restless pups.

Creating calm for a peaceful night's sleep is essential to aiding the emotional well-being and deep sense of security a pup feels in their home environment. As we have discovered, the plushier the bed, the happier the pup!

2. The Scent Factor 

Dog’s use their sense of smell to navigate the world and give them an outlet for their hard-wired sniffing behaviours. The couch holds a combination of odours and the familiar human scent of you, along with the warmth of human touch, making it a sensory sanctuary for your pup. As a result, your pup may prefer the couch due to the strong link of fragrance, comfort and familiarity that link your pup to their human companions. 

3. Temperature and Texture

The couch is often placed in the central (and cosiest) part of the house. Not only this, but the couch holds an abundance of warmth from human activity and room heating. As our pups are instinctively wild animals, they naturally seek warmth and comfort from shared communal spaces. As the couch is elevated, it regulates air flow. Dogs may naturally prefer cooler surfaces to regulate their body temperature. Our Luxe Lounger bed features a cooling nylon base to help regulate your pups temperature, keeping them cool and comfortable throughout the year.

It is important to note that different breeds may have varying sensory capabilities. Breeds that were historically bred for different purposes, such as hunting, may possess a more refined sense of touch and therefore be more sensitive to the temperature and texture of their resting spot.

4. Social Connection

The couch also holds a special appeal to dogs due to the elevation positioning them at a higher point in the room. From this perspective, dogs can watch over the family dynamic and the outside world, fulfilling their desires for social connection and bonding. The couch also serves as a social hub where humans and dogs come together, further enhancing the unity and connection that our dogs crave.

5. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Bed

Choosing a suitable dog’s bed is a matter of balancing comfort, safety, support, ease and the specific needs of your pup.

First things first, is the bed comfy? As dogs are instinctively drawn to soft, comfortable textures, we recommend a bed that is super plushy with added support. Our range of products cover the unique needs of every dog. Our top selling Brooklyn Deep Sleep Bed is not only extremely plushy, suitable for all seasons and easy to wash, it will change the way your pup sleeps and relaxes. The couch will no longer be needed!

Other factors to consider are whether the bed is waterproof and durable. Our Luxe Lounger redefines the standards of dog beds where comfort and versatility blend to create the ultimate evolution in pet sleep. With its chew-resistant, water-proof nylon base, this bed will fulfil the needs your couch provides and will allow your dog to stay cool all year round.

Brooklyn's Comfort: Perfect Beds for Every Dog 

It’s time to take the couch back, once and for all! With the right bed, your pup will have their own cosy space to sprawl out on, leaving you with room to put your legs up and relax after a long day. Just like us, every pup has their unique wants and needs, and so we believe it is important to spend time choosing the perfect sleep spot for your pup. If you need any further help deciding which dog bed is perfect for your pooch, our expert team is always on hand to help. Feel free to drop us an email at