Activating your Brooklyn

Woo! Your Brooklyn has arrived. Let's get it ready for those dog paws. The video below will quickly explain how to expand your bed to make it fluffy and paw-ready.


3 Pro-Tips

Shake, Fluff and Knead

Really spend some time activating the interior by shaking, fluffing and kneading the bed. The more you activate the interior, the quicker the bed will expand and take its shape.

24 Hours is Best

For best results, we recommend activating the bed (as per the video above) and then letting it sit for 24 hours. This lets it expand. Give it one more shake/fluff after 24 hours and you'll be ready to go.

Keep Those Paws Away

While we know your dog will be super excited to jump right in, for the best results, we recommend keeping your dog away while you activate the bed and let it expand. As soon as it's ready, go crazy.