Shipping Alert: Canada

It pains us to advise that we are expecting delays on all parcels heading into Canada at this time.

This is due to the recent surge of Omicron as well as the repairs from the BC flooding late last year.

The recent Omicron outbreak has meant 20% of flights into Canada (around 6000 per week) have been cancelled, causing a bottleneck for all freight heading into Canada (not just ours).

BC Flooding
In November last year, BC was effected by significant flooding, which saw damage to a lot of its highways.

CanadaPost is advising of ongoing delays due to the repair work which is still underway. Although most of the delays here have been cleared, it is possible highway repairs may lead to temporary short delays.

Due to the current situation in Canada, we expect delays of 5-15 days on top of our usual transit time due to the reasons above.

We're really sorry about this, and have been advised after the fact, but we will keep you up to date as more information comes to light.